How Psychiatry/Psychology Reprograms The Mind In Order To Enslave The Victim

How Psychiatry/Psychology Reprograms The Mind In Order To Enslave The Victim

The Objective Of Psychiatrists/Psychologists

The objective of psychiatrists and psychologists is to make money by creating a victim that is dependent on psychiatry/psychology and the medications they are hired to sell. And/Or to create a complacent slave to the government in order to keep control over a conditioned enslaved society as well as undermining civil disobedience and conflicting freethought against Government Ideology/Control.

How Psychiatrists/Psychologists Reprogram Minds

The Conscious And Unconscious Mind Explained

The mind has two distinct modes, One is your conscious mind. Your memory/observation and analysis of a present/past or potential event. This is basically the way you explain a situation to yourself in your head. The ability to interpret the reality of your senses/memories/thoughts and logically define it. If you have no mental impairments preventing you from analyzing the world normally. This should be the most clear and easily to understand and control aspect of your mind.

Alternatively their is the Unconscious Mind that works in a more barbaric and illogical way. This is your bodies chemical and archaic response to a situation. For example: A dopamine release by your body when doing something pleasurable. A adrenaline release during a sporting event. A fear response to danger. This is your body and your unconscious mind giving your body a reaction at a subconscious level. This unconscious reaction is less controllable and more archaic then our conscious mind. This is essentially the framework of our feelings, Love/hate/anger. They are the human element of responding to the world. The framework of your person but also the fundamental requirement for empathy/love and every good or bad virtue a species could ever possess.

The Ideal Goal Of Psychiatric Mind Reprogramming

The ideal Goal of a psychiatrist/psychologist as mentioned before is to create a mind that is dependent on psychiatry and the system. Their is a few ways they will attack the mind in order to do this. But in general they are removing emotions from your past experiences and replacing them with emotions that are triggered primarily through conditions and triggers that they create themselves. Ideally they want the mind to be dependent on a pleasurable outcome they provide (Such as a medication, Therapy, Other form of “positive” conditioning) and they want in addition to this a fear response which they can use as a punishment for disobeying. (This is usually conditioned through torture in a ward and through stigma/defamation from labels/diagnosis) They will additionally destroy the credibility of the victim to the point that they are too scared to protest against mistreatment out of fear others will not trust them. Additionally they will create a real or fake fear of a threat to the victims life if they come forward against their abusers.This is done once again through physical and psychological torture in a ward. They can also use the threat of unlawful forceful imprisonment into wards (5150, Form 3’s) to bribe and blackmail the victim into submission. It is a combination of these things that creates a situation where not only does the victim have emotional trauma and fear making it difficult and scary for them to protest against their treatment. But they also must contend with not being believed because of inaccurate psychiatric diagnosis and the stigma/discrimination attached to it.

The Purpose Of Anti-Psychotic Medication/Electroshock Therapy and Brain Surgery

Human experiences are recorded and analyzed by the brain in two distinct ways. It is logically analyzed by the conscious mind and it is remembered/analyzed by the unconscious mind in a emotional/chemical way. The ideal result of anti-psychotic medication/electroshock therapy and/or brain surgery is to remove the unconscious part of the memory and diminish your brains ability to have a unconscious emotional reaction to past memories. This allows the psychologist/psychiatrist to trivialize the negative experiences of the past and the negative experiences in the present/future in order to confuse/gaslight the victim and allow them to get away with newly introduced trauma. It also creates a clean or diminished mind in which they can create new unconscious memories/triggers. With a diminished or removed unconscious memory of good/bad feelings. Newly introduced good/bad memories will be more successful in controlling the actions of a person and ultimately will be more overwhelming and difficult to fight back against since the unconscious emotional/chemical response will be stronger. (For example: how children and teenagers are so emotionally dramatic, This is because the experiences are new and they don’t have the unconscious memories to create tolerance yet in their lives) When a psychiatrist removes negative/positive emotion from a mind and replaces them with new ones that he/she conditions strategically to gain control over a victims mind. These new unconscious memories/conditions are substantially stronger and harder to overcome and challenge than if they simply introduced them to a unaltered mind. They are removing the experiences that have made the victim stronger and more efficient at dealing with their problems and protecting themselves and replacing them with experiences designed to control and enslave them through positive and negative awards/consequences. All with the goal to exploit them for the motivations of the psychiatrists themselves and not to help the victim.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Differs From Physical/Medication Therapy But Still Remains Dangerous.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy differs from Physical/Medication Therapy by targeting specific memories/triggers and situations from the past/present/future instead of everything at once. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy advertises itself as the ability to tackle problematic areas in a persona and remove the unconscious chemical/emotional reaction from the negative situation/memory/trigger. It also is obviously different because it is a verbal therapy and is separate from the physical/medication based therapies. However it is important to note that both Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Physical/medication therapy are often used together.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is by default less abusive then physical/medication therapy for the fact that the patient is usually aware of the memories he/she is trying to remove the unconscious response from and cognitive behavior therapy is also usually optional and secondary as opposed to being mandatory and coerced on patients like medications often are. However it still remains dangerous because it is removing the ability for the memory/situation to work as a reminder/shield and tolerance when dealing with similar problems in the future. People learn, grow and become stronger through their bad experiences. By removing these experiences (even if only at a unconscious level) You are removing the learned benefit/tolerance that your body has achieved through that experience. This is almost always a bad thing. The victim is also setting themselves up to having a negative/positive experienced replaced by the psychologist/psychiatrist that is designed to gain control/enslave and ultimately exploit/abuse them.

Religions are the most common form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you want proof on how damaging this can be. Read a book about the History of almost any religion. It is the control that fear/award has over a follower of religion doctrine and belief that ultimately turns them into a slave/soldier for bad religious leaders to exploit. Same concept applies to Psychology/Psychiatry.


Gangstalking is a term given to a multi person and multi location effort to attack and hurt a victim. This can be as little as a single facility utilizing multiple actors to falsify reports on you in order to cover up abuse or a mistake. All the way up to a entire country colluding together in a vast network to prevent certain people from getting access to needed health care services or even organizing a way to murder the victim, drive the victim to suicide, get the victim fired from employment ect. In general it is a multi person/location attack designed to damage the victim in as many ways as possible with the goal to silence/kill the victim. This is often done through “blacklists” that are circulated throughout the medical field. Certain governments sponsor this kind of program as a way of attacking “undesirables” illegally by covertly using healthcare as a way to attack the victim. Sociopathic psychiatrists will often put people on this list after a “unpleasant” encounter with a patient, after learning something that goes against government ideology, after the psychiatrist does something wrong that they want to suppress and cover up or in some cases I suppose they do it just for fun.

What To Watch Out For And How To Protect Yourself Against Gangstalking

Best and most easy thing a person can do to protect themselves against gangstalking is to be aware of it. In the event you have any bad encounter with any medical practitioner (especially a Psychiatrist) You need to assume and take steps to protect yourself. If at any moment you feel the person you are talking to is asking questions with the design to undermine/trick or gaslight you. You should consider at that point the possibility that they have read at a minimum a label about you on your file or the very real possibility that you are on one of their “blacklists”

In order to protect yourself against Gangstalking you first need to have or gain the ability to stand up for yourself. You need to train yourself in the legal rights that you have as a patient and train yourself socially to defend and stick up for yourself when those rights are being violated. A threat of legal action can go a long way in undermining the efforts of Gangstalking. If you can get proof that you’ve been victimized on video and or through the acquirement of unaltered medical documentation you will have a huge defense if they continue to try to hurt you.

Getting unaltered documents will require you making the request for the documentation BEFORE you complain. The documents you ask for could potentially be altered to cover-up the truth if you request them after you complain or after they find out a error/abuse occurred. Requesting and getting as much proof as possible in documentation form BEFORE complaining is something I would highly recommend. Additionally if you can afford to bring a camera/microphone and or a advocate into a hospital or doctors appointment you should every single time. Virtually anyone can be a victim of medical malpractice, taking steps to protect yourself as early as possible is a good practice to have.

In addition the threat of going public with your experiences is a way of undermine the efforts of gangstalking as well. I would caution people to do this, Since going public turns you into a huge target. However the effect of people doing this can potentially transcend your personal problems and potentially help others. It is the right thing to do however it comes with a very real and serious danger. You will be targeted for the rest of your life and will have people with a lot of power seeking a way to get revenge on you forever. To go public is to give up your ability to rely on healthcare forever and to live in a state of fear forever. Gangstalkers are sociopaths and evil people. They will not stop their efforts to attack a whistleblower, especially if you whistleblowing creates a substantial consequence for them. Whistleblow at your own risk.


Guide For The Mentally Ill

+ Guide For The Mentally Ill

What is The Guide For The Mentally Ill

The guide for the mentally Ill is a small book that I have written after nearly a decade of therapy abuse/domestic abuse and severe mental illness/social isolation. It will give guidance on how to recognize therapy abuse, how to cope and safely try psychiatry and medication, how to break out of subversion, how to cope and work through a multiple of different anxiety based illnesses and ultimately how to survive in a world where many of the sources that claim to be their to help you may secretly be against you. It is a guide for the mentally ill and their caregivers to help them get the healthcare they deserve and hopefully recover their minds and life.

This book will be useful for people with mental illness. But it will also help people caring for people with mental illness to better understand the struggles they go through. My hope for this book is to provide some insight/solutions and warnings so that mentally ill people can get better instead of succumbing to their illness forever.

I am not a doctor. I am a mentally ill individual. Do not take this as professional medical advice. it is only my opinion and has been created based on how I wish i was treated. I am not legally responsible for anything.

The Conflict of Interest in Psychiatry

What you need to understand from the beginning is that Psychiatry like so much else in this world is designed to make money. It is a business for financial profit and it is a business with little to no ethics and morales. The mentally ill will and have been exploited for profit to better suit the interests of the hospitals and healthcare workers involved. This will not be the case every single time however it is important to go into all forms of healthcare understanding the conflict of interest and be prepared to recognize it the moment abuse happens. Nobody deserves to be subverted and exploited into a dangerous mental state for the financial profitability of a illness. This can happen to anybody however the mentally ill are the most acceptable to this form of abuse due to the nature of their mental illness and their vulnerability to coercion/subversion and manipulation.

Billions of dollars a year are made off of anti psychotic/antidepressant medications every year and a good amount of that money is funneled back into the hands of psychiatrists/hospitals and health care workers through advertisement and money making opportunities. As well as possible back door deals that do not go reported. This conflict of interest is important to understand because psychiatrists can attempt to turn a mentally ill person into a career patient intentionally in order to make the drugs companies profit. Thus improving the financial relationship between the hospital/individuals involved and making the business more profitable for themselves. They will do this while showing absolutely no ethical and moral responsibility to the patient and no care or compassion for the risk and emotional distress this puts on a persons life. Anti Psychotic and Anti Depressant drugs have been proven mathematically to be dangerous. The FDA has made it a requirement by law for anti depressant drugs to have a warning label because they increase the risk of suicide in people. Most psychologists do not care and only want to make money. You need to recognize this conflict of interest because this conflict of interest is by far the most dangerous.

Another conflict of interest to discuss is the political/moral and privileged beliefs that most healthcare workers have themselves. Most healthcare workers have led a very privileged life and thus have a superiority complex that they will take out on their patients to fit their own personal aggrandizement.

Like a bully in a schoolyard they will bully any patient who does conform to a lifestyle that they feel is not appropriate to their own personal desires and beliefs. Most healthcare workers believe they are better than the mentally ill because of their job and financial/social success and thus treat the mentally ill as less than human. Very similar if not identical to the situation you will see in abusive retirement homes or jails. You will see the same scenario in healthcare facilities. When a healthcare worker feels his/her patient’s life is not a equal to their own bad things can happen.

Being able to recognize the conflict of interests healthcare workers have will be important to assure that you or your loved ones receive the care they deserve when they try to use healthcare. Learn to recognize it from the beginning and you can save yourself or your loved ones from being abused and manipulated.

Why Psychiatric Wards Should Be Abolished/Changed

Psychiatric Wards are large scale facilities designed to house and imprison the mentally ill that are a possible danger to themselves or others. The purpose of the Wards in theory are noble and important however they create a environment of violence and psychological trauma that does harm to the patients omitted. Especially patients who are omitted for depression and suicidal tendencies. Patients who are depressed and suicidal are extremely vulnerable to trauma and developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Therapy Phobia due to their fragile mindset thus it is important to keep these individuals away from traumatic and abusive situations. A psychiatric Ward is a facility that has so many healthcare workers in a single place that is virtually impossibly to have a Psychiatric Ward without having at least a few healthcare workers with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Thus the chances of a patient with a fragile mindset being bullied by at least someone is extremely likely.

Not only does the patient omitted to a Psychiatric Ward likely to be a victim of a narcissistic Nurse or psychologist but they also must contend with the violent and often terrifying environment associated with sleeping next to and sharing a building/room with other mentally ill individuals. Many mentally ill individuals are omitted to Psychiatric Wards for displaying violent behavior. They are than given beds and rooms to occupy immediately adjacent to other patients. Thus creating a atmosphere of insecurity and fear on a patient that is already struggling emotionally. This creates a situation of trauma that makes the patients susceptible to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Therapy Phobia, Antropophobia, Agoraphobia, ect. It also makes them susceptible to suggestion and subversion by manipulative and often unaware and naive psychologists that are unprepared to handle and recognize a patient that is afraid.

To counter the problem associated with Psychiatric Wards you can do two things to fix the issues discussed.

First; you can simply assign individuals to hospitals beds and give them suicide/security watch based on their individual needs. Thus eliminating the need for a Psychiatric Ward and eliminating the trauma associated with the environment in entirety.

You could also design a system of individual areas/bed within a single ward that houses patients of specific types of disorders. (Example: Keep Depressives in one room together, People that are violent towards others in another room, schizophrenics with other schizophrenics) Thus keeping vulnerable individuals from other patients that can cause emotional trauma to them and vice versa.

Finally I would simply suggest that all Psychologists within a ward be trained to recognize a patient that is fearful and be prepared to ask the questions needed to determine if they are victim of abuse. Determining and establishing trust from the beginning and insuring safety and security is important. Downplaying a patients concern for their safety and treatment should never happen. If a patient is fearful and mistrusting of their environment and Therapists. No amount of time will ever be enough to accomplish anything and fix the issues. A fearful patient has the right to protect their own interests/safety and will do so if they fill threatened regardless of how long they are in a ward.

How to Recognize Psychological Abuse by Healthcare Workers

PHYSICAL ASSAULT is a crime. Physical force should be used as a last resort and only on a patient that is a threat to himself or others. Physical violence should never be used a threat to create submission to a abusive environment and should never be used against somebody as a retaliation to something non violent. If you are threatened or physically assault in a Psychiatric Ward facility it is best to comply with their orders however you should report it to the police as soon as you are discharged from the hospital.

BLACKMAIL is a crime. If you feel you are being blackmailed,coerced or extorted in anyway into taking medication or using a service you feel you do not want to use. It is your right to refuse. Under no circumstance outside of a court order can any healthcare worker threaten or coerce you into doing anything without your consent. If you or your loved one is being being blackmailed cancel all proceedings with the healthcare worker and move onto somebody else. Do not allow yourselves to be used for the benefit of somebody else’s career. If you are a loved one or a caregiver make sure to ask your mentally ill loved one about his desires and find out if this is happening. If it is happening take steps to find another healthcare worker. If you are being blackmailed in a Psychiatric Ward facility. Take the medication until you are let out and than report the blackmail to the police as soon as you leave.

BULLYING is a crime. Everyone including mentally ill people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Under no circumstances should you be bullied/threatened or treated with disrespect. You do not have to clean up for other patients if told to and if you feel like your being mistreated you should have the right to speak up about it. If you are in a Psychiatric Ward when you are being bullied I highly recommend to write a complaint to the Police as soon as you leave. Or enter a police station and talk to the police about it. Speaking up in a Psychiatric Ward will be dangerous to your physical and emotional well being so I highly suggest to wait until you are released from the Ward before doing so. They can and will torture you if you don’t.

SUBVERSION is a crime. Subversion a tricky one because ultimately for subversion to work you most likely will not know they have done it. Best way to recognize subversion is to identify the moment a psychologist/healthcare worker is doing something other than installing confidence. If they are babying you, putting you down, calling you a liar and making you feel like you need to rely on medication alone to get better than you are most likely a victim of subversion. Healthcare workers will say very specific things at times when you are most vulnerable to try to manipulate you into a ideology of vulnerability, dependency and fear. If you find yourself leaving a Healthcare worker/facility hating yourself, blaming yourself for everything, fearful and vulnerable it is likely that you are a victim of subversion.

COLLUSION WITH OTHER ABUSERS is a crime. If you have ever told a psychologist about a abusive situation and have been given no resources or help to get out of that abusive situation. Or have been called a liar. Then you are a victim of this crime. You should always be given resources to get help when complaining about abuse and should never be subverted into forgiving it or be left on your own after expressing a desire to get help. Abuse should always be taken seriously by a healthcare worker and if it is not. Go to the police and report it to them if you can.

How to Recognize Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse has several similarities to psychological abuse by healthcare workers. However because domestic abuse comes from people that are often our caregivers it is more difficult to recognize. Being able to recognize the difference between abuse and somebody just saying no to a unreasonable request can be difficult. Psychologists can manipulate your caregivers into abusing you for their own benefit the same way they can manipulate you. Not allowing psychologists to speak to your caregivers is something I would always recommend. Because a situation of abuse at home and with your healthcare providers is a nightmare.

If your caregivers are intentionally triggering your mental illness or doing any of the things talked about in the “How to recognize psychological abuse by healthcare workers” section than you are being abused. With the possible exception of coercion into taking medication. Sometimes medication will be necessary and medication may even be court ordered out of necessity for your well being and you MIGHT be in a situation where you need to accept that they are just protecting you from yourself. If you disagree with the decision and/or court order you have the right to bring it up with law enforcement.

If none of those scenarios are happening and you still think you are a victim of Domestic Abuse you need to ask yourself if your request is unreasonable considering the situation and you need to ask if them saying no is preventing you from getting better.

If you are being prevented from leaving the house/making friends/finding work. If you are being manipulated into a situation of dependency than you are being abused by your caregivers. Caregivers should always be on the side of somebody getting better and trying to improve their situation. They should never try to manipulate somebody into isolation and they should never take advantage of your mental disability to create a situation of dependency on themselves. If you have a desire for independence and you can afford it and manage it safely than your caregivers should support that decision.

Finding independence while being mentally ill without a caregivers help is a difficult one. Since the vast majority of apartment/housing owners will not rent to somebody with disability insurance without a co-signer on the rental agreement. This is a difficult situation for all disabled people to be in. Technically you can not call the denial of co-signing for you as abuse however you can argue that the renter is breaking the law by not making a reasonable attempt to meet the needs of someone with a disability. If you are a victim of this situation I would suggest speaking with law enforcement about it. Everybody should have the right and ability to have a roof over their head if they can afford it and mentally-ill people should not be forced into homelessness.

If you are a victim of Domestic Abuse contact law enforcement. They can help you.

Medication – How To Try Medication Safely

Anti-Psychotic and Anti-Depressant medications are mathematically proven to be dangerous especially when starting new medications for the first time. The link between anti-depressants and suicide is so prevalent that the FDA has made it mandatory by law for their to be a warning label on these medications to inform the users that it increases the risk of suicide in people. A complete and provable paradoxical effect in a drug that has led to many suicides.

Understanding the inherit risks involved in taking medications ahead of time and how to appropriately prepare for those risks and to not be afraid to stop medication when bad effects happen is important to a person’s safety. Being suicidal has the obvious risk of death but it also has the potential to cause a lot of irreversible damage to somebodies life as well through reckless behavior.

If you choose to start medication my suggestion is to do the following. Tell your caregivers or your loved ones to have very close contact and specific dialogue with you about these medications over a period of at least a month. That way the moment they start having a negative effect; Support can be given and/or medication can be stopped before damage takes place. Coercing or forcing people into taking medication that is making them suicidal is generally not a good idea in most circumstances with the exception of somebody who is homicidal or a lunatic. If somebody has the ability to be clear headed it is most likely in the best interest of that person to be given solutions to the problems that is creating the depression/mental illness as opposed to coercing them into a drug addiction.

If somebody has a preexisting drug addiction/alcohol addiction. Be extremely careful when giving them medication. It is very easy to make a preexisting addiction even worse. The fact that psychologists do not even seem to care about this is a huge failure on their part. It is up to you or a caregiver to recognize this and find a way to do this safely or not at all.

Avoiding Medication/Care Giver Dependency While Helping To Find Solutions

When Dealing with anxiety/depression based illness I would advise that you try to find solutions to problems other than relying on medications alone to solve everything. A reliance on medication alone has two effects. First it creates a addiction and dependency on a drug habit. Second it creates a situation where a patients feel vulnerable and unable to cope with problems on their own. It creates a situation of acceptance in regards to current problems and prevents them from seeking out solutions to those problems. It creates stagnation in a persons life where people with mental illness become accepting of conflict and abuse rather than finding appropriate ways to solve their problems. It can also escalate existing symptoms of mental illness and create confusion and vulnerability to manipulation, subversion,therapy abuse and domestic abuse. Any kind of addiction that creates stagnation in a life and a dependency to survive on the edge of suicide and depression will have a negative effect on somebodies life.

If you are a caregiver you should consider helping the mentally ill find solutions to their problems instead of allowing them to stagnant in a emotionally vulnerable state forever. Mentally ill people require assistance to take productive steps in their life but don’t want to be a child to a caregiver. It is this conflict that creates anger, self hate,brain fog,depression and ultimately failure of rehabilitation.

Understanding The Emotional State Of A Socially Isolated Individual

Being socially isolated is a difficult one to explain because it results in a multiple of different and very complex disabilities that may be difficult to recognize.

Being socially isolated without friends forces a individual to seek friendships in unorthodox or child like ways to cope. Helping mentally ill people find friends that they can relate to as opposed to keeping them in isolation is one of the best things you can do for them. If a mentally ill person remains in isolation for to long they will seek out companionship in other ways.

The most common form of seeking friendship will be to seek out companionship in animals. This is a healthy way to seek companionship and offers a environment which will help the individual to cope however the loss of a animal friend will be very damaging to a person’s mental state. If a mentally ill person has multiple pets and they continuously die. This equates to a friend dying every single time and creates severe emotional distress. Distress that is equivalent to a human dying for a socially competent individual. This will create a emotionally state of post traumatic distress disorder and will force them to dive deeper into isolation and self destructive behaviors. It will also create a state of agoraphobia because they are afraid for their loved ones safety and well being. Thus keeping them confined and more socially isolated.It is important to recognize that emotional support is needed and that these relationships are difficult to cope with.

Another form of seeking friendship will be to seek companionship in imaginary friends. Both in their heads or in connection with a toy/plushy. This is a less damaging way to cope with social isolation since the friend is unlikely to die and as long as the object is protected and kept with them the friendship remains. Support these friendships. I found this one specifically useful and it perhaps saved my life.

Socially isolated people will also seek out friendships in the traditional ways. Such as going out to a social place such as a bar. However socially isolated people find it extremely difficult to approach others and to start conversations with people. They have extreme panic attacks and shyness and often can not relate at all to the people around them. This creates a atmosphere of invisibility in a crowded room and is extremely distressing to them. They are surrounded by people that they care about and have gotten to know as a observer however those people barely know they exist. They are also forced into a false persona in a desperate attempt to fit into a environment that is foreign to them because they have nothing to talk about and they have deep embarrassment in themselves. Socially isolated people can eventually through practice develop somewhat reasonable social skills however still find that they can not fit in without their fake persona. This creates a situation where they must continuously lie to themselves and to others in order to have a human relationship. Socially isolated people may also have extreme stress about using phones and living with their parents. Which prevents them from calling people or giving people their phone numbers and thus prevents them from developing those friendships further. This creates a cycle of failed friendships that becomes increasingly distressing and makes them feel like bad people. If you are a caregiver and you can afford it. Getting the mentally ill a private phone line will provide independence and a means for relationships to develop easier. A cell phone with the ability to send Text Messages would be ideal.

Socially isolated people will also seek out friendship in more damaging ways. Such as seeking out friendships in prostitutes or sex trade workers. This can be a useful way to improve social skills and get over shyness however it can also drain the little money they have and force them into situations where they get manipulated easily. It is a win/lose situation. Some sex trade workers are very nice people while others can be absolutely ruthless and destroy a mentally ill individual the first chance they get. This makes it even more important if you are a caregiver to help the mentally ill find friendships in other ways.

Finally you need to understand that very rarely a socially isolated person will actually develop a friendship. This can be a amazing thing however if this friend is a love interest. This can create a very emotionally draining and distressing situation. Since the socially isolated person can not express his/her feelings to the love interest. Thus the relationship develops as a friendship that perhaps never blossoms into anything more and this creates a sinking feeling and a situation of chronic depression. When these relationships fail the socially isolated person will continue to care and fixate on these relationships long after the other has moved on. Creating a feeling of shame and worthlessness.

Understanding Chronic Depression and Self-Destructive Behavior

The best way to describe Chronic Depression is to call it a symptom that creates desperation. A desperation to prevent a horrible feeling and to do something to alleviate that feeling. This feeling almost always comes on due to a legitimate stressor and is not always associated with a chemical imbalance as much as Psychiatrists would want you to believe.

The key to treat Chronic Depression is to identify the problems that create the distress in the first place. Medication should not be used as a excuse to ignore the reason the individual is upset to begin with. Yet it so often is and it creates a situation where the individual never develops the ability to fix the problems they have and the problems are never dealt with. Thus it creates a dependency on the medication to feel better as opposed to the more healthy solution of finding solutions to problems.Medication should only be used as a tool at most. Not a excuse to allow problems to go unfixed.

If a individual never develops the ability to tackle issues and find solutions to stessors and problems in their life they will be Chronically Depressed. Working with the individual to find an actual solution to prevent the stressor in the first place is the best solution if it is possible. If their is no possible solution the next best thing to do is to install self confidence in the individual; not a dependence on something else to cope. You want to make the individual feel like they have the ability to cope/fix problems themselves. That way they can tackle the next stressor with a fighting attitude as opposed to feeling vulnerable and guilty over their past failures. If a individual relies entirely on drugs they will never find coping skills and they will never develop a productive pattern to tackle problems in their life.

Being Chronically Depressed while being subverted into a mindset of a vulnerable and guilty person creates a tremendous amount of self hate. In order to cope with this self hate a Chronically Depressed individual will become self destructive in order to void the feelings. This can include Cutting, Spending money, Lashing out at Abusers or friends, Drugs, Alcohol ect. This is why you need to install a mindset of forgiveness of past mistakes and a mindset of a fighter. That way the individual will feel up to the challenge of tackling the next issue rather than constantly obsessing and being fearful of spiraling back into depression the next time something bad happens. The term “Casually Suicidal” applies to a individual who has no confidence in their own ability to cope. Therefore they obsess on the negatives that can happen in the future and live in a state of chronic panic attacks and fear. Therefore a caregiver or individual should try to install confidence, Self promotion and forgiveness that way the individual/themselves can take the next issue head on while using drugs as a tool rather than a way to submit/hide.

Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is best categorized as a fear disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder will develop in a individual who has a clear and very real understanding of the consequences of mortality and mistakes as well as a chronic fear of damaging accidents/disease. The problem can develop early on in childhood and teenage years with minor changes in behavior such as a obsession over their appearance or belongings. As these people get older Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will/can adapt to include more complex rituals and rules as their cognitive ability increases. A plethora of stressors will develop and a Obsessive Compulsive individual will develop a unique ritual to cope with every one of them in order to cope with the fear associated with each specific stressor. As the individual grows older these rituals will become more and more demanding and the individual will no longer be able to function in society the way they did before. This will result in the individual withdrawing himself from society and from all activities that can/will trigger their compulsions. Thus creating a environment of forced isolation for themselves in order to continue functioning.

Triggers and rituals can be specific words/images being mentioned/shown to a individual directly or indirectly through media/advertisement. As well as specific on time rituals associated with time of day. As well as in extreme cases a ritual associated with only thinking about a stressor. The goal of these triggers is to remove the feeling of fear temporarily so they can regain their ability to function. However because of the amount of triggers and rituals and the amount of complexity that is developed over time this becomes inevitably impossible. It is in the moment of impossibility that two things can happen. The individual becomes chronically depressed and self destructive or the individual snaps out of the ideology by going through a extremely traumatizing experience which proves their compulsions useless in their mind. A suicidal individual can leave their compulsions behind temporarily as a self destructive behavior either consciously or subconsciously. Thus creating a atmosphere of improvement of preexisting symptoms at the consequence of emotional turmoil and trauma.

Helping someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder requires a caregiver/healthcare worker identifying the trigger and finding a solution to void the stressor in the patients mind. The Obsessive Compulsive individual may not be able to create the solution themselves so it is best for the caregiver to take steps if possible to create a solution to the compulsion if possible. If no solution is available finding a healthy coping method that will not trigger any compulsions is a possible solution. Treating Obsessive compulsive Disorder is difficult because often the individual involved is highly intelligent and convinced their compulsions will protect them/others. Thus creating a atmosphere of support when the rituals ultimately fail and become overwhelming is possibly the only solution to the problem. Medication in theory could work on Low-IQ individuals however medication can possibly be damaging to High-IQ individuals and possibly extremely damaging to Highly functioning Autistics. Since medications may escalate preexisting confusion and stress in these individuals.

Do Not Misdiagnose A Highly Functioning Autistic

Misdiagnosing a highly functioning autistic either as a caregiver or healthcare professional can have dire consequences. A highly Functioning Autistic individual requires solutions and tools to get over specific phobias and conditions to overcome confusion. Without these tools being given the individual can develop patterns of complacency and agoraphobia. While in this pattern the individual will be susceptible to a escalation of mental health issues and a subverted prison of complacency and entrapment by his Autism and caregivers. Giving and blackmailing a Highly Functioning Autistic individual into medications may escalate preexisting confusion and can force the individual into fear and mistrust of therapy in entirety. Thus keeping them in a indefinite loop of self destructive complacency and imprisonment. The consequences can include hastening/creation of anxiety/compulsive specific mental health problems as well chronic depression/suicide. It is therefore extremely important to consider the diagnosis of Highly Functioning Autism in individuals of all ages and to consider and revisit the possibility of the diagnosis overtime.

Breaking Out Of Subversion

In order to break out of Subversion (A ideology of self hate,blame and imprisonment in your problems) you need to first identity that you are in fact a victim. (see “How to Recognize Psychological Abuse By Healthcare Workers”) If you feel you are a victim of subversion move on to the next possible steps.

Best thing to do if possible is to tell somebody you trust. That way they can work with you to identify the problems (if any) and help you work through the confusion. It is important that this person is not a healthcare worker or Psychologist. Find a friend or caregiver if possible.

Be sure to inform yourself that you are worth the time and help. Asking for help and identifying the problems keeping you confined is the step towards becoming less reliant on others and becoming a better person/friend to everyone. You are worth the effort and should not feel ashamed to ask someone for assistance.

If you wish to break out of subversion yourself you will need to educate yourself about your rights as a individual, Identify what you want out of your own life, Identify what is forcing you into the feeling of vulnerability and submissiveness and What stressors or conflicts are keeping you confined within the ideology/situation in your life. It will be best to write these answers down on paper so you can appropriately identify them without overwhelming your mind.

Next step will be to identify the solutions to those problems and once again write them down on paper for easy access. Next step will be to give these solutions and problems directly to your caregiver or a trusted source and ask them to help you achieve them specifically. If you have nobody to tell help you; you can attempt to train yourself through simple (one step at a time) therapy techniques. That force you take small steps in the right direction over time. However without help this may be very difficult. So it may be best to have your first goal to be taking small steps towards finding someone to help you. Writing down what you are requesting on a piece of paper ahead of time or sending a email to the individual you want to help you is a good way to begin the conversation without having to overcome as much anxiety.

Tips For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is difficult because you are most likely under the impression that your compulsions are keeping you/others/things safe. You may also be doing it to maintain balance and organization within your life. The most obvious solution but understandably the most useless thing to say is to try to understand that your compulsions are in fact meaningless. They will not make full order out of a disorder in a life of complexity. They will not keep you safe. They will not protect anyone/anything. Your compulsions are designed as a tool to cope with the reality of what life is because you are afraid to admit it. We are all powerless and their is nothing we can do but try our hardest to deal with the consequences that life will inevitably bring. Bringing order may simplify and help you organize your thoughts and life but ultimately it is only a barrier to avoid the complexity in everything else. Try to understand it and try to understand that life is here now and it is a blessing. Squandering time with compulsions is a disservice to yourself. Try to make the most out of your time because you deserve it.

One tip that I found personally useful in my quest to beat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is to tie compulsions of protection to a SINGLE object. If you have a wallet or a journal. Write down your compulsions/prayers on paper with the condition that the payoff of those compulsions stays with you as long as you keep that in your possession. This basically makes the process of reminding yourself/god/ect pointless since it is based on a contract that exists without needing to verbally communicate it. It can not be forgotten because it is always with you.

Tips For Depression

Depression I will keep brief since it is such a dynamic and sensitive topic. Legitimate and very tragic reasons to be depressed exist and if you are in one of those scenarios you have my sympathy and I wish you the best of luck. Please reach out for help.

My only tip for depression is to try to think it through it and be as logical as possible. Gain perspective on the issue before making any harmful decisions. Sometimes things are not as bad as we think they are. Chemicals in our body can get overwhelming and sometimes problems are in fact temporary. Just because life is difficult and painful in a specific moment does not mean it will always be as painful as it is now. Look ahead and see the possibilities for change. Try to think logically and set up supports and friends ahead of time when you are not depressed. Searching for help and supports when you are already depressed is difficult. Having the supports ready as soon as the problem occurs makes the process much easier. If you have somebody in your life you can trust have them call you and check in on you occasionally if possible. Just to open up a consistent dialogue and to keep you from falling into isolation.

Tips For Social Anxiety

The only tip I have for social anxiety is to start out small. Go to a place you feel most comfortable, approach the person you wish to open up dialogue with and pass along a simple (Short and NOT Dramatic Note). Example of a note would be “Hello, I’m very shy and I would like to talk to you”. If the person is indeed the person you believe he/she to be. They may work with you and it may blossom into a friendship/acquaintance. Very few people in this world would ridicule another person for simple being shy. People can be mean but simply asking to chat to somebody you’ve observed over time as being consistently kind is unlikely to result in bullying. At a minimum this will give you some practice.

Thank you for Reading. I will perhaps add on to this book overtime. I am not a doctor. Do not take anything as actual medical advice. It is only my opinion.I am not legally responsible for anything.